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Features of Endeavorsil™ Columns

  • Combined speed, resolution and sensitivity
  • Reduced analysis time and solvent waste
  • High efficiency combined with high selectivity generates more information and productivity
  • Superior column performance at higher pressure
  • Excellent separation characteristics over wide pH range

Endeavorsil™ Material Characteristics


Column: Listed on chromatograms  
Mobile Phase: MeCN:H2O = 55:45  
Temperature: Ambient  
Detection: UV 254 nm  
Sample: 1. Uracil 4. Toluene
  2. Acetophenone 5. Naphthalene
  3. Methyl benzoate  


Column: Listed on chromatograms  
Dimension: 50 x 2.1 mm  
Mobile Phase: MeCN:H2O = 60:40  
Flow Rate: 0.5 mL/min  
Temperature: Ambient  
Detection: UV 254 nm  
Sample: 1. Uracil 5. Butylbenzene
  2. Caffeine 6. o-Terphenyl
  3. Phenol 7. Triphenylene
  4. Toluene 8. Amylbenzene



Features of Leapsil™ Columns

• Ultra fast separation without compromising resolution
• Compatible with all HPLC and UHPLC instruments
• Method development flexibility
• Wide pH stability
• Outstanding selectivity

Leapsil™ Material Characteristics

Column: Leapsil™ 2.7 μm C18, 50 x 2.1 mm  
Cat. No.: 86004  
Mobile Phase: MeCN:H2O = 60:40  
Temperature: 30 ºC  
Detection: UV 254 nm  
Sample:   1. Uracil 4. Toluene
  2. Acetophenone 5. Naphthalene
  3. Methyl benzoate  
Column: Listed on chromatograms  
Dimension: 50 x 2.1 mm  
Mobile Phase: MeOH:H2O = 45:55  
Temperature: 30 ºC  
Detection: UV 254 nm  
Sample: 1. Thiourea 5. N,N-Dimethylaniline
  2. Aniline 6. Ethyl benzoate
  3. Phenol 7. Toluene
  4. o,m,p-Toluidine 8. Ethylbenzene


Features of Inspire™ C18 & C8 Columns

• Rapid separations with outstanding resolution
• Advanced bonding technologies
• High efficiency and outstanding lifetime
• Excellent separation characteristics over wide pH range
• Superior batch-to-batch reproducibility
• Choose from a variety of phases and hardware formats

Inspire™ columns are engineered with high purity raw silica, proprietary bonding techniques, tightly controlled manufacturing processes, and column packing procedures that provide today’s chromatographic laboratories with HPLC columns of unrivaled performance.


 Inspire™ Material Characteristics

Superior Batch-to-batch Reproducibility
Reproducibility is essential for the selection of a HPLC column. Today’s chemists often need to establish new analytical methods to evaluate the latest pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical products. The column they select has to provide the same chromatographic results over the entire lifespan of the new drug product. Chemists doing QA / QC also need a well-producible column, which ensures the accuracy of analytical results and high productivity of chromatographic laboratories. Inspire™ reverse phase columns undergo rigorous quality control testing to ensure long-term reproducibility, letting you increase your laboratory’s productivity and allowing for easier method transfer between labs.


Reproducibility Test
Five randomly selected batches demonstrated excellent reproducibility in the example shown:

Long Lifetime
Columns that last longer not only save you money, but also save you time in establishing and verifying methods for a new column. Inspire™ columns deliver guaranteed, consistent performance in optimizing the two key factors that control column lifetime: the packing material and the mechanical stability of the packed bed.


Lifetime Test    
Column: Inspire™ 5 μm C18, 150 x 4.6 mm  
Cat. No.: 81001
Mobile Phase: 0.1% TFA in MeCN:0.1% TFA in H2O = 30:70  
Flow Rate: 1.0 mL/min  
Temperature: Ambient  
Detection: UV 220 nm  
Sample: 1. Nadolol 5. Labetolol
  2. Pindolol 6. Propranolol
  3. Acebutolol 7. Alprenolol
  4. Metoprolol  

Stable from pH 1 - 11
Generally, the cause of shortened column lifetime relates to exposure under extreme pH mobile phases, which leads to hydrolysis of the bonded phase at low pH and dissolution of silica at high pH. The hydrolysis can also lead to significant changes in analyte retention time, making method reproducibility requirements difficult to achieve.
Dikma incorporates proprietary bonding and endcapping techniques, making Inspire™ packing much more stable across a broad pH range when compared to conventionally prepared material. Our packing platform also  effectively resists the typical ligand hydrolysis and silica dissolution seen with conventional columns. In both low pH and high pH tests, Inspire™ C18 columns undergo elution over 1,440 hours and show very little loss of retention time, capacity factor and symmetry, exhibiting their unsurpassed endurance and stability.


Features of Spursil™ Columns

• Combine high purity silica with unique polar modification technology
• Unique selectivity and enhanced resolution
• Silanol shielding for excellent peak shape
• Improved water wettability and stable retention in highly aqueous mobile phase conditions
• Excellent retention for polar compounds
• Extended range pH stability
• Choose from a variety of selectivities and hardware formats

Spursil™ polar-modified phases are based on ultra high-purity silica and novel polar modification technology. The unique bonded phases maximize polar retention and selectivity, while virtually eliminating silanol activity. The resulting polar-modified packing material contains a surface which is easily "wetted" with polar eluents and can run in highly aqueous conditions. The polar group also seems to play a role in base deactivation. We have seen some evidence that hydrogen bonding occurs between certain polar linkers and the silica surface, thereby decreasing the interaction of such silanols with basic components in the sample. Additionally, polar-modified phases often provide selectivity quite different from standard C18 phases.

Standard reverse phase columns, particularly C18 columns, often suffer from "phase collapse" and the retention of the compounds is severely diminished when used in combination with highly aqueous phases. This phenomenon is substantially reduced with Spursil™ because the polar modifications make the phase less hydrophobic and more wettable. Polar-modified phases remain fully extended in aqueous phases, allowing increased interaction between samples and the bonded phase. Spursil™ columns show good retention of polar compounds which tend to elute in the void volume on standard ODS phases.

Spursil™ columns are available in 3, 5, and 10 micron particle sizes, column lengths are ranging from 30 mm to 250 mm, and column dimensions are ranging from 2 mm to 21.2 mm. Ten micron preparative materials are available in bulk form.

Spursil™ Material Characteristics


High Efficiency

A chromatographic efficiency test is run on all columns. Plates per column and USP tailing factor are measured for each column to confirm packing efficiency. The USP tailing factor, a measure of peak symmetry at 5% of peak height, is a stringent indicator of peak shape. The test analytes are neutral hydrophobic compounds chromatographed in a acetonitrile: water mobile phase. The retention, selectivity, efficiency and peak symmetry of these molecules are measured to provide specifications for column performance.


Features of EasyGuard™ Columns

• Universal design to match any brand column
• A variety of optional bonded phase material
• Does not affect the analytical column resolution
• Long lifetime column cartridges, high performance and low price



Guard columns provide protection against contamination with minimal impact on column efficiency. The column diameter determines both the sample loadability and column efficiency. A small diameter will decrease the column lifetime, but a large diameter will adversely affect column resolution. EasyGuard™ columns effectively profect the analytical column without adversely affecting the resolution or column lifetime.

Simple to Use

• Flexibility to move PEEK fittings
• Matches any brand analytical column
• Low dead volume connection
• Rugged 316 stainless steel column holder


Easy-Lok™ Coupler  New!


When the EasyGuard™ guard column connects to a 250 mm analytical column, it can not fit in certain ovens (such as Agilent 1200) because the length is not long enough. The Easy-Lok™ coupler resolves this issue by removing the pre-tightened connecting pipe by wrench before using.