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ProElut™ SPE Cartridges

ProElut™ SPE Cartridges

C18, C18-U, C8, C2, PH, CN, Silica, NH2, PSA, SCX, SAX
Florisil, AL-A, AL-B, AL-N,CARB, CARB / NH2, GLASS SPE Tube



Features of ProElut™ SPE (Solid Phase Extraction)

 Rapid sample preparation within minutes

 Higher recoveries without the formation of emulsion

 High precision of analytical results by use of disposable cartridges

 Saving of solvent and hence reduction in both materials costs and cost of disposal

 Possibilities for automating the entire process

 Optimized, validated and certified manufacturing


ProElut™ SPE Features and Benefits

ProElut™ SPE uses spherical silica with high purity and narrow particle size distribution as support. The spherical silica with fewer fines gives a more regular, stable and reproducible chromatography bed that gives a faster, more even flow rate for better separation. Fines cause back pressure increases that can result in clogging and can pass through filters and contaminate the final product. A narrower particle size distribution will give a more homogenous packing that will help in collecting more concentrated fractions and reducing solvent consumption to achieve higher recovery and reproducible results.




High Purity Silica Improves Recovery and Reproducibility

 ProElut™ packings are considerably lower in trace metals than the other materials

 High purity silica to enhance retention capacity of basic compounds

 Irregular silica, depending on its method of manufacturing, normally contains trace quantities of a variety of different metals, which in turn can affect the separation



 SPE Phase Selection