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Rigol UV-Spectrophotometer


Introduction of UV-Vis Spectrophotometer


UV-Vis spectrophotometer (UV) is a long-used analytical equipment with property of high sensitivity and selectivity. It can be widely used in pharmaceutical, biochemical, food, life-science industries for R&D, quality assurance and other applications.

RIGOL-Ultra-6000 UV-Vis spectrophotometer seires offer performance of extreme-low stray light, excellent repeatability and S-N ratio. It can be your good assistant in your daily analysis work, offering diverse analytical solution for your actual demand.


  Unique dual-monochromator optical design, 0.0003%T ultra-low stray light
    Linear range 5Abs, accurate test for high-concentrated samples without pre-dilution
    0.1 nm optical resolution, six options for spectral bandwidth selection
    Test with ±0.3nm wavelength accuracy ensures confidence
    High precision processes and high quality techniques achieve higher durability
    Powerful workstation with intuitive user interface