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Normal and Reverse Phase UHPLC and HPLC Columns

Normal Phase Materials

A range of Normal Phase columns including polar bonded phases, silica adsorption phases and the unique Chromegabond NPI designed for natural product isolation.

Reverse Phase Columns

A collection of Reverse Phase Columns with broad application usage from Epic Polar using high aqueous mobile phase compositions to Epic C4 SD and C18 SD which are highly base deactivated high carbon super dense (SD) phases.

Sub 2 micron HPLC Columns

These columns have been engineered specifically for chromatography at pressures up to 19,000 psi which provide the chromatographer with the highest resolution over a wide variety of flow rates and mobile phase compositions.

LC - MS Columns

A range of specially designed Mass Spec Optimised columns and Mass Spec Kits for LC - MS method development.

Traditional Reverse Phase Materials

Chromegabond Reverse Phase Columns provide superior, reproducible separations and long column life with excellent peak symmetry.

Unique Reverse Phase Columns

A selection of reverse phase columns with unique properties such as AquaSep, Chromegabond ODS-Pi and Chromegabond PSC along with GammaBond Alumina.